Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A small prayer please...

Some of you know this...many of you don't.  For several years now, I have struggled with alot of pain in my feet.  I usually don't make a big deal about it, but believe me, I am hurting.  It has progressively gotten alot worse over the last 6 months.  It hurts to just walk, much less dance.  My feet are my business and my ministry.  So, to not have them perfect is a big problem!  Anyway, I have finally made an appointment for myself.  Tomorrow I am having some x-rays done to start trying to figure out what is going on.  On one hand, I am scared to find out, but on the other hand, I know God has it under control.  I am asking for a small prayer to remember me!  I would appreciate it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have found the one whom my soul loves...

This Saturday, I will celebrate six years with the love of my life.  Our wedding was truly one of the best days of my life.  It is only surpassed by the day we welcomed Collin into our life.  It was a beautiful June day!  The church was full of real trees that we had brought in.  I had a beautiful hibiscus flower pinned in my hair and a gorgeous white dress.  And, I must say, the reception was the biggest and best party I have ever been to!!!  We danced it down!!! LOL!  But seriously, I remember standing at the altar staring into Stephen's eyes.  I knew together we could make through anything.  Of course, over six years, two people can go through alot.  I feel like we have went through our fair share of hard times.  We started with nothing!  Six years later, God has blessed us with so much.  I am so thankful!!!  We chose to love each other every single day.  Marriage is hard, it's not if times will get tough, but when times get tough!  The tears will come!  But, for us, there is no other option than to hold each other's hand and walk through it together. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Well...that was spur of the moment.....

I am really liking this blog thing.  I recommend it to anyone!  I believe in prayer and taking everything to God, but there's just something theraputic about blogging!!!  And, I really want to connect with some friends and family and keep them updated on all that's happening with our little family!

So, this was the week after recital.  I cleaned house everyday this past week.  Actually, I didn't mind.  It felt good to clean out and freshen up the house.  However, with a one year old, a dog and a husband, it needs to be cleaned again!  Can you believe that? LOL!!!!  That's how things work though, and I don't mind.  It reminds be that I have alot to be thankful for.  I got to spend alot of one on one time with my little squirt.  We went outside alot, watched alot of Sprout Network, and we even took him for his first snowball!!!  He wasn't every interested in it though.  I find with little ones, alot of things are like that!  Mom waits all day for that special trip, she walks out the door with camera in hand and like an army we get into the car and off to our special outing.  Only to get there and have them not interested at all, not looking at the camera and actually screaming like you are torturing them.  Oh the joys of mommy hood!!! Hahaha!!!  We will try the snowball thing again later in the summer.

Still couponing and saving lots of money!  Advice to anyone should not be paying full price for anything!!!  And there are sooooo many items out there you should be getting for FREE!!!  That's right, free!!! 

We actually just got home from a very quick trip to Florida!  It was very spur of the moment!  Thursday night we decided we were going to help some old dance family with a revue.  I really felt the need to be back around some people who instilled this love of dance in me!  The very people I grew up with and spent 16 years of life seeing every week!!!  It was so nice to catch up with them.  Great dance family!  While we were there, we decided to catch some sun and waves!  We stayed one night right on the beach.  Got a great hotel that had an awesome pool area for kids and family!  We took Collin to the beach for the first time.  That was so much fun!!  At first, he was unsure, but he started to warm up to it.  And, he loved playing in the sand.  I started to think about how true this is in his little life.  Of course, as the waves came crashing in, he clung on to us waiting for us to protect him.  That's so true in their life at this age.  They are always waiting and depending on us to protect them.  Gosh, being a parent is the biggest blessing I have ever experienced.  It is a love like no other!!!!

Although the trip was short, while we were in Florida, I really wanted to take some time to reflect on some things.  It was a great time of reflection.  This summer will be a summer of growth for me!!!!  And I say that eagerly!  I am determined to grow spiritually, mentally and as a mom, wife and business owner. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

It's paused!

I like to use the word "pause". Not stop, because the intensity of it will start back up in August.  Pause is a good word.  Not that I like for dance to "pause" but, the break is enjoyable and needed.  I don't think most people realize the stress of the job.  So, I look forward to these 10-12 weeks when my mind can relax and I can spend most afternoons fixing dinner for my family and putting my son to sleep.  Recital was wonderful, as always.  I had one person describe it as "dance revival".  I never thought of it like that, but it's a perfect desription.  If you have never been to one of my recital's, you propably don't understand that.  Even more of an incentive for you to COME next year!!! Haha!  I feel like this year more than ever, my message was put out loud and clear.  We worship Jesus.  I am not going to sugarcoat that.  And, I am actually trying harder to bring that to the forefront. 

On to another subject.  I have been couponing for 1 month now.  I am so glad that I did!  I have saved about $200 in the month of May on stuff that we actually use! LOL!  I think everyone should coupon! :-)

Back to dance...who would have thought that something my mom enrolled me in 23 years ago would still bring me so much joy today?!  Seriously, I love it so much!  I am honored to work with each child. God has blessed me beyond measure with the best students!  Love them! 

I know there is so much more I wanted to write, but, I'll have to get back later! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

an Ah Ha!! moment...

So, today I was scheduled to work in the nursery which I enjoy!  Usually Collin is the smallest one around and the most fragile!  For the past 14 months, I've held my sweet fragile baby boy in my arms and watched as other children ran around like crazy kids jumping, gooing and usually smacking on some snack.

However, today I had an Ah Ha! moment!  As I am getting situated in for the morning service, in walks a precious and fragile baby propably about 6 months old.  At one point, as I am holding her and playing, I look up to find my son, bouncing on a mat, screaming something that only another toddler could understand and smacking on gold fish all while he is drooling!!!!  Oh.  My.  Goodness!!!

I couldn't help but giggle.  It was a moment! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting Started...

I've actually been wanting to start a blog for quite some time now.  I just feel at this point in my life I  have alot to say! LOL!  Our generation is so technology driven that keeping a "journal" these days is so difficult.  I've never been very good at that anyway.  I mean well, I just never can seem to get the pen to the paper.  With Collin growing so very quickly, I feel the need even more to just put some words down. it goes...a blog. 

Our sweet Collin is growing so quickly.  Right now, his words are dog, pronounced more like "dawg" (so country), ball, poochie, mama & dada.  He's just so handsome with that blonde hair and his little small frame.  Teeth are poking out and he's beginning to take on toddler features.  No!!!  It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming that little 5lb. 7oz. peanut into the world!  We are enjoying him so much! 

Now, onto another reason why I wanted to start a blog.  Again, I just have alot to say!  What is up with people these days?  It seems as though our population is just generally meaner than ever!  Do people seriously get some satisfaction out of being rude to people?  Don't get me wrong, I have been known to get a little hot headed with the sloooow people at fast food places.  But, for the most part, why are we not showing love people?  Christians included....why are we just so mean to other people?  I think it could possibly be the economy.  Or maybe people thinking they are just entitled to something in life?  News flash--we are NOT entitled to anything!  Just sayin... Bottom line...can we please be a little nicer people?  Especially if you are a Christian.

I'll wrap this up with recital!  It's next week!  It WILL be wonderful..., I am claiming it!  We will be bold and stand out from the rest!  We are there to bring glory to God!  Lots of little things to do before then!  Until I have something else to say, which propably will be soon..bye for now.